1 day in !

So far…

Domain registered, server configured, WordPress loaded, Theme setup (rough) and most plugins installed (broken it, fixed it and beat it in to shape)

We have 3 photo galleries setup but only 1 showing while I work out a new multi-layer menu so you dont have to click and click and click…

Video – not touched yet but pics and videos are uploaded

Events – did a lot of work to get the maps and layout to work and include a countdown timer – 2 events loaded for testing/edit later when checked

Home screen, video on PC as test (need a members similar video clip so no royalties/fee/watermark), still pic as fallback for mobile/tablet that cant play the video, on phone the menu shows as small icon in top right corner at present.

Both events mentioned are also links to the pages (not event), we can have the event information, plus extra waffle/news then open for comments (keeps it away from the raw event info)

Club page made, again same as the event pages – add information, members list, how to join, plus waffle then comments / chatter

Considering adding a chat forum or members WhatsApp feature, certified members can then use this as a non-FB communication if needed – will discuss with Jas regarding how the club currently communicates – will mention MonkeyButt app – may be able to link… (not looked)

Theme colours, backgrounds, images and various trimming will be sorted later (when it works properly) but so far its ok and not too ugly !

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Brian Hamblin

Computer and server engineer, systems analyst, tech geek and motorcycle repair/restore/builder.

3 thoughts on “Build in progress…

    1. JasMod 7 months ago

      Fair play Brian. Site is looking amazing. Well done – a great job.