A list of Evel venues from around the 221 square miles of the island which shall partake during the event. With the kind support of Manx Heritage and also Private business & museums.

MANX KNIEVEL CHALLENGE ‘Kick Starts’ from the Grandstand Pit Lane from 9am Saturday April 25th and ends at 5pm (last group lap) Sunday April 26th.

• Manx Knievels will have to visit a minimum 12 Locations from a possible 15.
• Most locations will be Tourist Venues which will ‘stamp’ the entrants ‘Knievel Cards’ as proof of visit. These locations only open between 9am and 5pm.
• Some locations will be ‘geographic’ which means entrants must provide a ‘selfie pic’ as evidence of a visit.
• The odd location may need the Knievel to undertake a specific task.
• Each location will be worth a points value.
• Manx challenge must be undertaken between and around the entrants specific TT Shift Laps & the events Group Laps. The laps of the circuit take preference over the challenge.
• Additional TT laps for extra points – but only when stamped at the start and finish – entrants must ‘book in’ to tag along with another shift lap from the Grandstand start only.

Our Manx Knievels must – as part of their location challenges, Park their bikes at Bungalow Station & catch the Mountain Railway up to the 2,036ft summit of Snaefell. Entrants have 20 minutes at the summit to complete their challenge and catch the train back down…
Many thanks to the Manx Mountain Railway for working with us to enable this particular location to be included within our event. The event will be paying for fares from its ‘event fund’.
Snaefell Summit, as well as Calf Sound and Point of Ayr – are the 3 main geographic locations compulsory for all entrants to visit.. Other 12 locations are Manx Heritage or privately owned museums who have very kindly agreed to become part of RIDE Manx Knievels 2020 ‘Being Evel 4 A Good Cause’…
Our Evel Railway Timetable will be shared to all entrants at the start of the event.

‘Being Evel 4 A Good Cause’.. Our MANX KNIEVEL Challenge will help share the word that the island has so much to offer in addition to the TT Circuit..



Locations to visit between Your TT Shift Laps during 9am to 5pm Saturday April 25th & 10am to 4pm Sunday April 26th.
*Varying opening times of locations.


Geographic Island Locations.
• Calf Sound Cafe
• Point of Ayr
• Snaefell Summit by Railway 🚃
• Sulby Reservoir
• Fairy Bridge 🧚‍♀️
• Tynwald Hill


Museums & Points of interest.
• Manx Museum Douglas
• Jurby Transport Museum
• Cregneash Village
• Manx Kipper Museum
• Laxey Wheel
• Murray’s Motorcycle Museum
• Grove Museum
• Manx Aviation Museum
• Castle Rushen
• Union Camera Obscura
• Peel Castle
• Cashtal Yn Ard
• Rushen Abbey
• House of Manannan
• Port Erin


Scatter Rally Challenges commence each day from the Grandstand ‘Check In’ from 8-30am. Manx heritage sites open from 10am but we do have some sites opening from 9am to help entrants itinerary – details provided on the event.


During the 48 Hour event we have the Entrant Shift Laps – All Entrants must ‘clock in’ at the Grandstand Event HQ 60 mins prior to undertaking their shift lap.


Over the 48 hours (6pm Fri, 2pm Sat & 5pm Sun) we each day have 1 Group Lap.
All entrants must arrive at the Grandstand to ‘clock in’ 60 mins before the Group Laps.


MANY THANKS to Manx Heritage & the Private Museums & Attractions for supporting RIDE Manx Knievels – ‘Being Evel 4 A Good Cause 2020’.
A map of locations to visit in the daytime between your TT Lap times..

You can manipulate the Google map below – zoom in & out, move around, click on map markers to get more information and click the pictures to see more of the location.

The view from PEEL CASTLE !