Day 2 of RIDE Manx Knievels.


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Being Evel 4 A Good Cause’ gathers momentum on Day 2..

Shift laps continuing through the night into morning, and the Manx Knievel Challenge kick starts for entrants between their shift laps from 9am to 5pm..

With shift laps & group laps compulsory, entrants must plot their order of locations to visit around the island between returning to the Grandstand Pit Lane for TT laps..

2pm will see the 2nd Group Lap of the event for ALL Manx Knievels to attend and joined by VIP Guests..

After this Group Lap entrants free to do so return to their Manx Challenge for the remaining few hours available.. (Manx Challenge locations 9am to 5pm)..

Shift TT laps continuing into the night..