The IOM Checklist

March 2020 Basic Event Checklist…

  • Knievel outfit with a cape!✔️
  • Tyres with full tread ✔️
  • First Aid Kit ✔️
  • Minimum 2 Pairs of gloves 🧤✔️
  • Thermals ✔️
  • Waterproofs ✔️ (clear if poss)
  • Puncture repair kit ✔️
  • Puncture foam ✔️
  • *Print out list of laps schedule/pairing and event stops ✔️
  • Plenty of socks ✔️
  • Duck tape & cable ties ✔️
  • Sat Navs switched off ✔️
  • Cash for lead & tail bike riders beer 😬✔️
  • Raise as much sponsorship as possible BUT please ensure the minimum £100 has been transferred to the Event Just Giving Page before the event start ✔️

*A list of event checkpoints and the lap pairs/schedule will be sent by email.

The partnered-up lap system will make sure we stay safe and are quickly alerted if anyone has a brake down or an incident, we will issue a club contact number and emergency number with your information pack.

All we ask is you look out for each other and ride safe to make this an enjoyable and fun event for eveyone.

The page below is provided not for this event but as a general handy checklist for anyone. Click and download if needed 🙂