Lots of the “gubbins” now working, had issues with a couple of plugins not doing what they should or not doing it right but all sorted now…

Structure is now setup and working, lots of tweaks and window dressing can be done later to uplift the presentation or appearance so long as the engine runs 🙂

Pics uploaded, videos uploaded, 2 events listed, login & registration working (needs more testing)

dashboard to allow members to post and edit, events add for members/general events (needs refinement)

1st main draft of the Manx 2020 page – Jas to approve and edit

rough start copied from FB for the 2021 event – needs Jas to build content and add some “body”

nothing add for club page yet, wasnt sure what to add so I will await Jas

Any changes or editing – just highlight and copy the text out the web – edit any way you want then message it back to me and I will paste the ammendments or make the changes…. 🙂

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Brian Hamblin

Computer and server engineer, systems analyst, tech geek and motorcycle repair/restore/builder.